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Mindy as Miss Peg

Mindy Donner

Puppeteer and Storyteller

Join me on my journey with current and on going work as a playmaker, performer and designer. This web site has been created to share new work as I make it, and to showcase images and text, as a retrospective, celebrating my past forays into the wondrous world of puppet theatre!



Miss Peg

Adult Puppet Cabaret:


a play-in-progress

A woman transfigures her memories of a long life in order to live the life she had wanted. Delving into time, transcended and transgressed, is the nature of the evolving world of the play, Miss Peg. Three-dimensional assemblage puppets created from melted clocks and other detritus, along with some shadows, tell Miss Peg's story from the present set in 1950's, playing back moving cameos from the roaring 20's forward. A jazz score weaves the decades into one tapestry.

Photo by Steve McClelland







Adult Puppet Cabaret:

San Diego's quarterly toast of performative puppetry art for a public who delights in the short form skits and vignettes, and excerpts from plays-in-progress. Animal Cracker Conspiracy produces the event, funded in part by a Puppet Slam Network grant, in venues as diverse as MOPA (screening Handmade Puppet Dreams and other films,) THIRD SPACE, and unnamed warehouses.

Donner in Adult Cabaret Adult Cabaret-Donner


Family Story Theater: by Spinning Wheel Players:

We are a storytelling, live music and puppetry group inviting audience participation with rhythm instruments and opportunities for performing on stage. Bilingual programming (E/Sp) is created with joy, and is available upon request!


Mindy dancing with children

Donner dancing with children and Eduardo Parra playing the jarana at Cinco de Mayo in Old Town 2006







Puppet Theatre:

Zomo, the Trickster Rabbit from West Africa- Based on the book by Gerald McDermott; Produced by San Diego Guild Puppetry

Mindy and Iain in Zomo

Donner and Iain Gunn co-creaters of Zomo production











Uncle Nacho's Hat - based on the Nicaraguan folktale (bilingual version(E/Sp)

Mindy and Silvio Diaz in Uncle Nacho's Hat Donner with Silvio Diaz

Mindy and Diaz

Zomo puppets and photos from Zomo and Nacho's Hat by Lynne Jennings


Orginal Puppet Play Production:

West of Snow


Photo by Iain Gunn






A clip from performance of Donner in West of Snow ~ an orginal play by Mindy Donner. Performed by Iain Gunn, Floyd Fronius, and Donner

Cast of West of Snow

The cast in West of Snow

Mindy Donner ~ Iain Gunn ~ Floyd Fronius

Photo by Lynne Jennings


Demeter and Persephone

An orginal adapation of the Greek Myth

Demeter and Persephone Images from Demeter and Persephone Wolf Head

Photos from Demeter and Persephone by Kathern Coneway


Puppet Designer:

Donner - Artist at work


Giant Puppet Nymph

Gaint Puppet Nymph Hug

With Donner and Eduardo Garcia

Gaint Puppet Nymph




Photos of Giant Nymph by Lynne Jennings



All my performing is storytelling, in one way or another! Every story beckons and gestures to be told in its own unique style with spoken images alone, or with visual images at other times. Some stories come alive through spoken word and movement.

You might say I participate in classic storytelling in semi-formal or formal settings with Storytellers of San Diego. As part of Spinning Wheel Players, we invite our audiences to participate. In the context of Adult Puppetry Cabaret, the story may be told in mime with objects, or as spoken text or dialogue with puppets.

Workshops and Classes:

My favorite workshop to give for adults is called Performing Objects, Masks and Myths. I bring many masks and provocative objects, from which participants will select an object, or create a world of objects, to express some of their biography. This is a culminating activity performed for the whole group. We begin the workshop with physical and vocal warmups, then move to specific mask exercises. A spark for 2013 is to create the myth you wish to live this year.

Other family mask and puppetry classes and workshops are given through the San Diego Guild of Puppetry. Please see the link.

For a complete listing of Storytelling classes and workshop, please refer to the Storytellers of San Diego's link below.


For Performances, Workshops, and Classes:

Contact Mindy Donner @ Email Me

Important Links:

San Diego Guild of Puppetry:www.sandiegopuppetry.org

Storytellers of San Diego:www.storytellersofsandiego.org

Animal Cracker Conspiracy:www.animalcrackerconspiracy.com